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The road to beginning the actual renovation or repair can sometimes be long and difficult.

We facilitate and ease your work by offering you the services available for construction as well as a team of other collaborators.
Thus, with Bailey Contracting you can benefit from these services:


* Small building design
* Certificates of urbanism
* Building permits
* Opinions
* Etc.


Bailey Contracting executes an entire range of constructions, from small up to complex work:

* Residential and commercial Construction or parts thereof
* Roofing works, roof framing, building terraces

Interior design

* Plumbing & Electrical
* Services of thermal insulation, noise and anti-corrosion
* Services of paving and tiling of the walls
* Dye works, painting
* Joinery and carpentry work

We also work closely with manufacturers of materials and specialized companies to always get the best results at competitive prices and provide technical assistance during the work execution.

To get an indicative quote for your work (from building houses to interior design projects), do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to design, build, expand or refurbish, Bailey Contracting offers complete services to help you pick the optimal solution.

We  offer the best solutions for your projects. Complete services from design, approval, up to tracking the construction progress and key delivery of the finished product.

Construction of home additions and commercial projects - out of all construction companies we are the perfect choice.

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